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Making a difference requires action, and action includes a broad spectrum of activities. From acquiring knowledge by reading or attending speaking engagements, to calling your representatives and expressing your opinions to them; you can make a difference.

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Here are five things you can do this month to stay informed and involved (click on the links for full details):


    We have an opportunity in Illinois to flip several House Districts from Republican to Democrat, but we cannot accomplish this without your help!

    While many of us are outraged at the horrific policies enacted by the Trump administration, we should at the same time be just as much appalled by the state legislators who align their policies with the Trump Administration’s.

    Let us show these legislators that their dreadful policy preferences will not be tolerated by the people of Illinois!

    Let us vote them out!

    Below are four Democratic House candidates that have the potential to succeed in their race; but they need our help now more than ever!

    Join us at the Niles Township Democratic Organization, 4504 Oakton St., Skokie, as we will be phone banking into these candidates’ districts.

    Any amount of time would help! 

    Please sign up if you’re interested in helping.


    This is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference, and create a veto-proof majority in the Illinois House. 


    We will focus on the following candidates:

    Kathleen Carrier; House District 42: 

    Kathleen is running in retiring Jeanne Ives‘ (R-Wheaton) district . Her extreme right-wing opponent, Amy Grant, will continue Jeanne Ives’ far-right, anti-choice agenda if elected. This is the same Jeanne Ives who said on the House floor “We [women] do not need laws to protect us, we need men to protect us”.

    Kathleen promises to protect women’s right to choose, and restore funding to women’s breast cancer research and domestic abuse shelters. She is a longtime active member in her community, and is not afraid to fight against Governor Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump’s Administrations.

    Maggie Trevor; House District 54:

    Maggie is running against anti-choice incumbent Tom Morrison (R-Palatine). Morrison has zealously lobbied House Republican lawmakers to vote AGAINST any measure that would benefit women and protect their rights, including the landmark Equal Rights Amendment and legislation to enshrine a woman’s right to choose in Illinois, HB40.

    Maggie has worked primarily in the healthcare research field, where she helped providers better understand their patients. In addition to preserving women’s rights, such as choice, that are currently under attack by right-wing zealots like Morrison, Maggie will fight against health insurance premium increases, and to preserve pre-existing conditions protections for the people of Illinois.

    Mark Walker; House District 53:

    Mark is running in the House district based in Arlington Heights. His radical-right opponent, Eddie Corrigan, is a former top level staffer to Republican Congressman Peter Roskam, and a ferocious opponent to a woman’s right to choose. Corrigan has aligned himself with the NRA and other right-wing gun zealots who want to flood the suburbs with military-style automatic weapons, like the one used to massacre students in Parkland, Florida.
    Unlike his opponent, Mark Walker is pro-choice. Walker, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran, will stand up to the extreme NRA agenda. Mark will fight to preserve pre-existing conditions protections in healthcare coverage.

    Richard Johnson; House District 65:

    Richard is running in the suburban district based in Geneva. His rabid right-winger opponent, Dan Ugaste, is backed by Jeanne Ives and her gubernatorial puppet master and paymaster, Dan Proft.
    Richard, a public school teacher in Elgin, has dedicated his career to education. In 2016, Richard was elected as President of the Elgin Teacher’s Association to help teachers improve the classroom learning environment for their students. Richard’s top priority in Springfield will focus on improving funding for education throughout the state while easing the burden of property taxes on homeowners. He is pro-choice,  and will fight to break the National Rifle Association’s obstruction of gun violence prevention legislation.
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